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Jason Mernick

Jason Mernick

Most of Mernick’s work is contemporary and incorporates many elements from nature. Due to the nature of the equipment used in the creation of his art he is an ‘extreme artist’. He uses some of the same tools used in the building of offshore oil rigs and high-rise buildings. Fire, sparks and noise are a huge part of the creation process. All of his work is unique (one of a kind) and created by hand. Most pieces can be used in interior, as well as exterior spaces. He works primarily with stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Basically, he uses torches to cut and color the metal. All of the bending is done by hand. He uses fire the way other artists use paint. That is, he paints with heat. As far as he knows, He is the only ‘Torch Painter’ in the world. His studio is located in the rural suburbs of Los Angeles. Due to this environment, his art reflects many influences from nature. The designs evolve organically, and are revealed to him during the creative process.