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Julie Anne Gibson

Julie Anne Gibson

She can only be described as an artist with a true love and passion for flowers. To create these unique floral compositions, Julie Anne utilizes only the largest and most colorful varieties, harvested at the very peak of freshness, from some of the leading growers in the world. In order to dry them at the height of color, the blooms are placed in a special solution to preserve their unique perfection. Then, each individual flower, free of stem, is transferred to a press and placed in a flash-dry processor that allows the blooms to dry at a rate that conserves the beautiful color. Once the preservation process is complete, Julie Anne begins her inimitable handiwork, utilizing the very best of the blooms as her medium: applying the flowers in a creative technique she devised in 1985. Each floral confection is built on a special dehydrator backing in order to preserve the blossoms’ colors.