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Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley believes that being an artist does not make her exempt from the daily labyrinth of indecision and obscurity. It does not allow her to look from the outside in, or from a higher point than others. It does, however, enable her to express, to speak, to shout and to cry her feelings, out loud for everyone to probe and to judge. Bradley’s work will not bring you out of darkness into the light. She cannot make order out of chaos. She can do nothing, but honestly observe and feel. From those experiences, she shows you her voice, her battle cries, her scars and her vulnerability. From her voice you may feel that you are sisters, lovers, cousins, friends. But even that cannot be the reason in which she seeks the truth. Though she is hopeful in walking this path with others, her work must be from her own human experience, to seek why she is here and to return the gift that she has been given.