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  • Blown Glass Creations

    Ben Sharp is a native of Gainesville, Florida. He began working as a scientific glassmaker in 1997, where he assisted in various projects including a job for NASA. In 1998 he moved to artistic glass making. Artists Statement: My work embodies a physical manifestation of human beings and our association with materials that abide by natural forces of the universe. Kinetic substances, like glass and metal flow with heat and gravity. Random possible paths for phenomena are followed or forgotten in each of our own lives. There are technical skills that can be honed by humans to forge ideas. I am inspired to continue this motion after the material is molded. Physical forces of gravity, heat, light, and resonance bind all things contained in the universe. I seek a connection between myself and the amalgamation of molten matter.

  • Ben Sharp

    Blown Glass Creations

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