Bethlehem Fashion Week – Girlfriends Boutique

Inspired by Sex and the City, GIRLFRIENDS BOUTIQUE offers everything from lingerie to tiaras, and handbags to clothes,including styles worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry!  While there are plenty of tops, skirts, and bags, many in their trademark animal prints, Girlfriends always offers great fashions at great prices.  This Lo Posh Coral Striped Maxi Dress ($58) would look great on freshly tanned skin – good thing Girlfriends also offers great organic spray tans at an unbelievably low price!

In keeping with the beach-y feel of the dress, I chose the Sheila Fajl Long Brushed Marquise Earrings ($52), which have an elegant shine, and can be easily dressed up or down (like most of the jewelry we carry here at Artfully Elegant).  I chose the Polli Kimono Necklace ($45.50) not only for its both complimentary and contrasting patterns, but also because the Australian designers behind Polli create their jewelry through manufacturing techniques usually reserved for industrial products.  Truly, their work unites form, function, and fashion design beautifully.

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