Bethlehem Fashion Week – Popmart

If you are looking for fun and fabulous fashion, POPMART, located inside of American Hairlines at 74 W. Broad St., is the boutique for you! As their ever eye-catching displays can attest, there is always something new (and often sparkly with vivid hues) to investigate inside.  Since this boutique is attached to American Hairlines, one of Bethlehem most popular spas/salons, you can be sure you’ll leaving looking glamorous from head to toe.  The Eros Apparel Gold Brocade Mini Dress ($115) is an absolute stunner, complete with a back cutout that takes the dress from cute to incredibly flirty.

In order to honor the glittering style of Popmart, we chose to accessorize this dress with some great pieces from one of the newest designers we are carrying at Artfully Elegant: Todd Pownell.  While his TAP by Todd Pownell line features a number of gorgeous pieces, the E038 Earrings ($1630), with the combination of hammered gold and black diamonds, match the gold brocade effortlessly.  To round out the ensemble, I paired the TAP011 Ring ($6950), featuring both brilliant cut white and black diamonds to add that final irresistible sparkle.

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