Bethlehem Fashion Week – The Gem Shop

With a name like THE GEM SHOP, it would be easy for the average passerby to think this store sold only accessories – but don’t be fooled! While this boutique does offer a huge collection of jewelry, headbands, and other accessories you would expect to find inside, they also have a wide range of fun wrap dresses that can be worn in a number of styles.  Versatile and functional, the Elan U.S.A. Multiwrap Dress in Royal Blue is an outstanding and slimming color for most women.  Also available at The Gem Shop, located at 518 Main Street, is the C.C. Exclusives Black Strip Hat, which adds some drama to the dress.

To keep with the slightly beach-y feel of the wrap dress and hat, I was drawn to the rich oceanic colors found in Susan Schulz’s labradorite pieces.  Schulz’s Large Linked Bracelet ($600), which features both stunning labradorite and gold-flecked rutilated quartz, pairs well with the royal blue of the dress.  Ring 2114, available at Artfully Elegant for $110, is a statement ring that can easily be dressed up or down.

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