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  • Nature Preserved in Acrylic

    The masterpiece of a butterfly's wings glinting in the sun for hours, days, perhaps a few weeks an then to an all too sudden finale. But now, when butterflies fall to Earth for the last time, they are not left to disappear. Hundreds of tropical butterflies, raised in controlled settings all over the world are rescued from decay, as they are collected, carefully wrapped and mailed to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where all the magic will happen. Years ago, inspired by the birth of their daughter, the Puringtons began collecting and mounting butterflies. Using wings like bits of color, the way the impressionist painters in France used pigment, they created compositions and sealed them in lucite boxes. The butterflies are sorted and dried in a secret process developed over years of experimentation. Once mounted in lucite, with proper care, the butterfly will achieve immortality.

  • Butterfly People

    Nature Preserved in Acrylic

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