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  • Embroidered Lace

    Each Eight Cranes piece is hand-crafted by artist Jess Cuttic, from our very own homebase of Bethlehem, PA! Jess Cuttic discovered embroidery while looking through boxes of antique linens and fabrics in the attic of her grandmother's home. The use of color, texture, and attention to detail in this classic medium drew her in, and she has been stitching by hand and machine ever since. The pendant of each necklace is a lace form, then hand embroidered in a variety of colors, creating a link between delicate romance and modern vibrance, making the work feel both old and new. Bold shapes and organic designs ensure that each piece makes a statement. Featuring a variety of styles and lengths, Eight Cranes is sure to have a piece to tie together any outfit.

  • Eight Cranes

    Embroidered Lace

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