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  • Fun & Funky Stuff for your Cabin, Castle or Crib

    Trained as an industrial designer, Paul Ocepek (o-sep-ik) has been involved professionally in all phases of product development for the last 25 years. He’s designed everything from tvs and toys to telephones and trash cans. Motivated by a burning desire to design and produce unique, well-crafted, and locally made goods (plus the mid-life crisis need to buy a really cool laser cutting machine) Paul launched his first product line in 2010, calling his creations Art Thingys. As his number of product categories grew, the need for a more cohesive umbrella brand became apparent so Paul retired Art Thingys in 2012 and renamed his company Modern Moose. A nod back to his very first piece of 3D wall art, a modern moose design known affectionately as Snoutrageous. Of course, everything is made in Moosachusetts. Paul’s sense of humor, bold use of color and modern artistic sensibility form the backbone of his product lines.

  • Modern Moose

    Fun & Funky Stuff for your Cabin, Castle or Crib

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