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  • Metal Expressions

    Ron Stinson has been designing and creating metal sculptures for over thirty years. Self-taught, he developed many designs from his study of nature and the use of repeating patterns. Ron strives to capture a sense of motion by filling the three dimensional space with bold structure, vibrant color and texture. Any given sculpture of Ron's requires hand shears, plasma torches, hammers, wooded forms, acetelyne torches, polishing cloths, and sandblasting equipment to make a finished product. Chemical patinas and paint are also applied to add some colors not available from the metal or welding process directly; lending an organic quality to each individual piece. The final step is to apply an oven fired, weather proof, powder coating. The baked on coating protects the sculpture from tarnishing or discoloring for many years. Ron's work has been shown in numerous galleries, juried exhibitions and solo shows.

  • Ron Stinson

    Metal Expressions

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