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Rebecca Overmann

Rebecca Overmann

Rebecca Overmann creates handmade jewelry which is influenced by natural forms and subtle movements. Her work is characterized by a mix of metals — yellow gold, oxidized sterling, accented with raw, rosecut and fancy diamonds. Her work is both small in stature and large in presentation. Stones and settings tend to protrude at various points drawing the eyes of the beholder ever closer to each piece. Each piece is flawlessly crafted and guided by the mindset that less is more. She received her formal training in metalsmithing at Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2008, Rebecca Overmann was recognized as a Rising Star by JCK and she is a member of the Executive Board for the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including the recent book Jewelry’s Shining Stars. Rebecca Overmann’s studio is located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Her designs are crafted using recycled metals, and ethically-sourced stones.

“My collections are designed with clarity, simplicity and elegance. I’m inspired to create jewelry that I would personally wear every day, objects that express who I am without being ostentatious — things that exemplify true beauty through quality and craft.” – Rebecca Overmann