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Artfully ElegantArtfully Elegant — Handmade Jewelry & Handcrafted Gifts

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The distinctive modern designs of Vinosus Handmade jewelry evoke the confidence of your personal style. The artists, Marty Kneeland and Brit-Simone Sutter focus on creations that resonate with you, revealing and illustrating the unique connection we all share in our adoration of art, creativity and life’s abundance. Offering a magnificent blend of metals and gemstones, Vinosus Handmade’s limitless allure bestows artwork for both men and women. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of life’s influences, experiences, nature, and architecture presented in an emblematic wearable form for your interpretation. Vinosus Handmade is a reflection of the enrichment both Marty and Brit-Simone enjoy living each day. Their union created the foundation for the artistic expression patiently waiting to erupt.