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Pere de Temps – Neapolitan

Pere de Temps – Neapolitan

May 26th, 2010


Pere de Temps timepieces are beautiful, mechanical watches with visible movements. These watches require no battery, instead they are wound to create the charge. Each charge lasts approximately 2-3 days and maintains by the watch’s contact with your wrist. When it winds down, simply rewind the watch to recharge. Featuring genuine leather bands, each watch is elegant and sophisticated, but still very unique. Our best seller is the Phantom, with its black face and band and rose gold accents. The Phantom’s twin, the Neapolitan is pictured at right. The Medallion style has a bold yellow face with tan band, making it unique, but still classic in style and design. All of the watches from Pere de Temps make excellent graduation gifts for the recent 2010 grad, Father’s Day gifts, or just a special treat for your favorite watch lover.

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