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Alexandru Darida

Alexandru Darida

Alexandru Darida was born in 1955 in Transylvania, one of the most fascinating parts of Romania. He grew up in the picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful countryside surrounded by the legend of Dracula’s castle. The foundation of Darida’s accomplishments and international recognition was established at the Ecole de Belle Art in Romania. He expanded the dimensions of his artistic expression through further study at the Benadetti Liberal Academy of Art in Rome and the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Through his extensive travel, Darida has studied the art of the great Masters from Botticelli to Picasso at many of the art museums of Europe. His work has been featured at the Young Images Gallery in Rome, Municipal Comment across Romania, Tribune Gallery, Dales Gallery and the National Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania. Additionally, his paintings were featured at a 1999 exhibit in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and Romanian Embassy. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Formello-Roma International Prize for Painting. Alexandru Darida’s paintings are romantic expressions of a different time.