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Chris Ploof

Chris Ploof

After traveling the world trying hands-on careers that spoke to his historical influences and technical skills, Chris Ploof found himself back on his boyhood path, attempting to make a forge improvised by a 55 gallon drum, some fire bricks and a hair dryer. Eventually his knowledge seeking lead him to jewelry making classes. At last, he was home.

His meteorite, mokume gane, and naked damascus engagement rings are one of a kind works of art.

“I am inspired by historical styles and methods, but I also love exploring new techniques and materials, pushing the envelope of current and accepted techniques. Challenges always seem to lead down long roads even after they have been met, and spawn many future ideas and designs for me. I approach my work with an open mind, ready to learn new things about my medium. My sense of humor is my greatest asset when things don’t go as planned. The best discoveries can come from the biggest mistakes. Impossible is only a temporary condition.” – Chris Ploof