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Todd Pownell

Todd Pownell

Todd Pownell’s rings are made to have both undeniable strength and undeniable beauty all at the same time. As a result, Todd’s rings seem forged within the searing heat of an erupting volcano. This is because his designs evolve from an emotional connection with romanticism to an emotional expression within the jewelry. He accomplishes this by mixing both light and dark metals with 18k gold and inverted diamond settings. Making the Todd Pownell collection of engagement rings and wedding bands simply unforgettable.

Todd Pownell has a signature style that truly sets himself apart from others in his field. Instead of the traditional diamond setting, he sets inverted diamonds into his rings. The diamonds bead set “upside-down”, Todd brings a truly unique look to each and every one of his pieces. And as a result, this inverted diamond setting captures and reflects light from every angle and creates the feeling of twilight. With a style he can call his own, Todd has made an indelible impression on the handmade jewelry industry. His brand is synonymous with the meaning of Alternative Bridal. Simply put, Todd Pownell makes one of a kind, unique engagement rings and wedding bands. Which is why his collection of work is one of the best handmade alternative bridal jewelry collections available.

Todd is a technically trained goldsmith and graduate gemologist with fine jewelry historical knowledge. He is also a Member of Ethical Metalsmith. They support ethical mining, sourcing their materials in the most responsible manner while operating their studios with “green” practices. If you are searching for a handmade wedding ring that is as different as it is eye-catching, then look no further than Todd Pownell. He is one of our biggest sellers in the bridal jewelry category. Check out our blog post, The Organic Styles of Todd Pownell to learn more!

Todd on Todd

“Works of jewelry have always been made as both trophy and tribute. Essentially it is part of our celebration of humanity by re-inventing nature and bringing it back together through jewelry. As a result, the jeweler should always strive to bring us together from one generation to the next. At TAP by Todd Pownell we believe that a piece of jewelry can mix the elements of light with the elements of the Earth itself. As artisans we design with these elements and create jewelry meant to speak to your personality.

We all work with a focused attention on the craft, which is a visible aspect of our work. We approach the process of making jewelry with an honest respect for the metals and gemstones we use. As a team, our studio culture promotes a healthy environment and strives for a combined positive, rewarding and challenging studio practice.” – Todd Pownell

We specialize in helping our clients with custom designs of Todd Pownell’s work. If you don’t see it in our inventory, then let’s design exactly what you are looking for! Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have.


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