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Jennifer Dawes

Jennifer Dawes

Since 2005, the vision for Jennifer Dawes Design has been to be THE artist for conscientious, thoughtful people who are making a difference in the world. She is committed to producing sustainably responsible jewelry. To her, the products she produces are a direct extension of the values she holds dear. Jennifer Dawes only uses recycled gold and responsibly mined stones wherever possible in her work. The company prides itself on making everything locally and sourcing using sustainable businesses that use recycled products.

“Becoming a mother was the most meaningful and spiritual experience I have ever known. It changed the way I perceived the future and showed me how important it was to be committed to a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle. I want to add something to this world, not take it away.” – Jennifer Dawes

We wrote a little blog post about her work, titled Jennifer Dawes: Delicate and Bold. Check it out!