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Todd Reed

Todd Reed

Todd Reed’s handmade jewelry has been collected for decades. His gorgeous engagement rings are more than just rings; they are fine art sculptures for the ring finger. Todd Reed’s commitment to authentic design is what makes his engagement rings and wedding bands so incredible. He proudly stands behind the workmanship of his jewelry and offers a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship of every piece.

“My work uses raw diamond cubes and other natural diamond shapes. It started as a way to question society about the idea of perceived value. In particular how value and perceived value relate to ideas of beauty or perfection that have become norms of society. Raw diamonds offer a unique character every time; the unique surfaces and textures are individual and deeply inspiring. Every piece of jewelry we make has its own unique story; no two pieces are alike. This would be a line of jewelry that really did use the most perfect diamond in the world, the actual raw diamond. Uncut. Unpolished. Natural, perfect geometry.” – Todd Reed

Todd Reed uses rough cut diamonds and natural diamond shapes to design unique engagement rings and weddings bands. He is an artist like no other in his field. His work is our biggest seller in the engagement ring and wedding band category. His raw elegance style has won numerous Awards & Distinctions over the years and is celebrated as an iconic jewelry designer in the raw diamond cubes artisan community. To own one of these Beautifully Crafted Todd Reed Rings is to own a captivating story that will last a lifetime.

We specialize in helping our clients with custom designs of Todd Reed’s work. If you don’t see it in our inventory, then let’s design exactly what you are looking for! Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have.