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We are a group of friends bonded with art, recycling and skateboard culture who are inspired by the potential of processing raw materials commonly regarded as waste. Not many people outside of the culture of skateboarding realizes that the life of the skateboards in professional use is quite short (sometimes it might be only a few weeks). Every day, thousands of skaters in Europe produce large quantities of wood waste that we decided to collect and creatively use following our passion. Canadian Maple, which boards are made of, is a material that has a lot of aesthetic and utilitarian value. Inspired by this fact, we created BoardThing – handmade products from discarded skateboards.

Currently we are working in the area of several projects to support and promote our ideas, which you will hear about soon. We would like to invite you to cooperation and common popularization of the idea of both recycling and skateboarding. We want to combine the three modes – art, recycling and skateboard culture to spread, in our opinion, important value and provide a valuable product.