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Bright Beam Goods

Bright Beam Goods

Bright Beam Goods was founded in 2010 by owners, operators, and makers-in-chief Eve Trester-Wilson and Kristen von Minden. Eve and Kristen are friends who share a background in architecture, a taste for power tools, and a passion for crafting. All Bright Beam Goods are designed and fabricated by Kristen & Eve, along with a small team of talented designers trained in art, architecture, and graphic design. Each member of the Bright Beam Team has a passion for working with his or her hands, and each of our five designers contributes to product design. Initial concepts are moved from round table discussions to hand-drawn sketches to computer-drafted drawings and then undergo multiple iterations of prototyping using our two in-house laser cutters before refining into the final design. Our products are made from materials purchased whenever possible from United States manufacturers. At our workshop, these sheets of plywood, acrylic, paper and cork receive meticulous preparation-trimming, hand-painting, hand-finishing, masking-before they are placed into the laser cutter. Adjusting settings on the laser cutter allows us to determine the depth and character of cut and etch lines. Once parts are removed from the laser cutter, they undergo further refinement: gluing, folding, polishing, stamping, threading, tying, trimming and sanding. When the product is complete, Bright Beam Goods are packaged in our studio, using materials designed and often fabricated side-by-side with their corresponding products. The finished goods, though laser cut, bear traces of the human hand­-these are the things that set our products apart, and the reason we love to make handmade.