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Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret is one of the world’s premier designers of colored diamond jewelry. Best known for his bridal designs in 18k gold, platinum, and gem ceramic, he is also well versed in the world of fashion jewelry. Etienne says, “I have based my career on the idea that fine jewelry should be deisgned to complement a woman’s form – not just beautiful, but wearable. It must fit like a glove and never compromise comfort. It is my greatest joy and honor as an artist when a couple chooses to symbolize their love and commitment with one of my designs. It is my goal to remind you that an exceptional piece of jewelry should not be seen as a discretionary purchase. In fact, if chose carefully, it is nothing less than an extension of one’s self…a well designed jewel can become as much of a part of a woman’s entity as her glowing hair of graceful gait, and therefore, surely not something to be sacrificed!”