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Gary Benfield

Gary Benfield

Gary Benfield and his keen eye for natural details joins with his vivid imagination in his work. His spontaneity is apparent in the dramatic pencil contours, casual brushstrokes and translucent colors. All this while his figurative forms are always classical and graceful and the compositions meticulous. The figures dissolve in the background and move across the canvas. Benfield paints rapidly and discards most of his work, keeping only the paintings that at the moment of conception capture the fluidity and grace of motion. Born in Birmingham, England, in 1965 Gary Benfield studied art at Sturbridge College of art and continued later at the prestigious Wrexham College of Art. After leaving the academic world, he set up a studio near London and embarked upon one of his most productive periods. During this time, he developed a distinctive yet natural style, and after only several years, his work became well known and widely collected throughout Europe.