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Jerry Rhodes

Jerry Rhodes

The firing process I use for my pottery is often described as Raku, but the motivation behind my use of this technique might be considered its philosophical opposite. Rather than seeking a harmonious balance or simplicity through my work, I try to achieve dynamic and imaginative results by challenging the boundaries of gravity, material science, chemistry, and sometimes, common sense. Having no formal training helps. I’m not limited by what I’m supposed to know, nor do I feel obligated to follow any well-established procedures. Often, though, I will use traditional style glazes and classic post firing reduction techniques. Other times, I’ll use plant food, steel wool, and horsehair during the firing, and add African porcupine quills at the end to complete a composition. Most times, the results are dramatic. Sometimes the results are dramatically bad, but you’ll never see the bad ones! Each piece I create is unique, each one represents a new and exciting learning experience, and every one is an adventure.