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Kathy Bransfield

Kathy Bransfield

Kathy Bransfield has found inspiration in her jewelry by traveling the world and experiencing other cultures. As a result her necklaces are funny, poignant, inspiring and powerful. As a matter of fact, her pieces are uniquely able to express the beauty and complexity of the human condition. Most of Kathy’s hand stamped pendants open to reveal quotes from inspirational poets, authors and world leaders. Depending on your needs, they are perfectly whimsical, poignant and loving. And each item embodies an essence of her quirkiness and unfalteringly cheerful spirit. And the necklaces will last a lifetime because they are made of sterling silver and gold plated bronze.

The Kathy Bransfield collection evokes passionate responses from long time collectors and new fans alike. Her distinctively inspirational jewelry covers everything from positive affirmations to soulful expressions of love. Which makes buying a gift for your friends and family that much easier! Actually, with Kathy’s necklaces, you have that graduation gift covered. You have that Mother’s Day gift covered. You have that condolences gift covered. And you have that birthday gift covered. So if you need to get that special something for that special someone, then Kathy Bransfield is the artist for you. 

These necklaces are our biggest sellers. Actually we’ve written a few blogs about how popular they are with our customers. For more information on Kathy Bransfield and her work, check out this blog about our most sold necklace, Buddhist Wheels Go Round and Round. Which incidentally has always been difficult to keep in stock.

Kathy on Kathy

Kathy hopes she can share History’s most brilliant visionaries with you through her sterling silver work. Most pieces open to reveal hand-stamped quotes or images that capture her trust in human faith. Above all, her necklaces speak to life’s complex beauty and all its diversity. With 25 yrs as a handmade jewelry artist, her necklaces can be found in the finest galleries, catalogs and exhibitions across the country.

Kathy Bransfield lives in Los Angeles, where she works hard to play hard. Camping, gourmet cooking and boating are just a few of the things that make up playtime in her work schedule. As a lover of travel, she feels that her journeys to other lands and experiencing other cultures has been a primary resource for inspiration. Within these travels she is always on a mission to indulge her passion of scuba diving and underwater photography. Which of course opens up yet another world of inspiration unto itself.

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