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Little Bridget Jewelry

Little Bridget Jewelry

Karen Boelts made her first debut in the world of jewelry in the 7th grade. She designed two mixed media matching wedding bands for her best friends Sherri and Peter’s wedding. They performed an elaborate ceremony complete with an exchange of awkward kisses and rings, the marriage unfortunately didn’t last past the 8th grade, but her passion for making jewelry did.

Little Bridget Jewelry was born in the summer of 2001 when her interests led her to create a necklace and promptly sell it to a neighbor that same afternoon. With her profits she set out to the local jewelry supply store and purchased more beads, this was where the addiction was born.

Each piece of Karen’s jewelry is a celebration of art and culture. Being blessed with a diverse family, she is involved in the LGBT movement by working directly with the community and donating a percentage of sales to organizations that support equality. Her passion for equality (all equality) shines through her creations. Little Bridget Jewelry is feel good jewelry offering powerful designs with messages and stones that have depth and meaning intended to lift and empower. Each handcrafted piece is made, fabricated and finished in her design studio nestled in the heart of Boulder, Colorado.