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Maggie Hurley

Maggie Hurley

Sprinkling the world with whimsy, one wacky creation at a time. I have a few recurring characters: some little creatures that are mostly robot with a splash of something a little more delicate, some jaded women with an attachment to the science behind love, and my grumpy little owl called Herbert, and a bevy of bird portraits. I also do children’s portraits, and the occasional flower or piece of fruit, but my work tends toward the light and smile-inducing.

I like to draw or paint just about anything, from day dreams to a piece of fruit that looks too pretty to eat.  I can’t seem to stick to one medium.  Sometimes I like the ease of watercolor, or the texture of oil.  Sometimes I like to get my fingers thick with clay.

I believe in giving back and donate a portion of my sales to organizations making the world a better place.