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Nancy Nelson Jewelry

Nancy Nelson Jewelry

Nancy Nelson Jewelry was launched in 2007 out of the innate desire to be a mom while running a successful jewelry business. Years later, Nancy has turned her passion into a full time business and a creative journey. While obtaining her BFA in Industrial Design, Nancy enrolled in a metalsmithing class where she made her first sterling silver ring. She soon was hooked and continued developing her own unique style of creating beautiful jewelry. Nancy draws inspiration from the rural countryside where she lives with her husband and their three children. From the textured lichen found on an old oak tree, to the linear form of birch bark or the natural shape of a handpicked twig, her jewelry is about appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds us. After Nancy discovers the perfect finding, she takes it back to her studio where she then transforms it into a glamorously chic, rustic and wearable piece of jewelry. The Nancy Nelson Jewelry collection reflects a love for nature, simplicity and all that is naturally beautiful.