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Nobu Haihara

Nobu Haihara

Nobu Haihara was born in 1959 in Kokura Japan at a time when all eyes of Japan were glued to the TV for the wedding of Heisei emperor. Strongly influenced by his mother, a crafter who handmade many of the things in their home, Haihara inherited her creativity. As a child, he loved drawing and was often scolded for doing it on any available surface. The Haihara family was in the business of selling Western groceries and, as a child, Nobu, playing in the storage room, was fascinated by the silk-screened print on the packaging. This was his introduction to the pop art of America.After graduating from Hiroshima Economic University, he returned to Kokura but after two years, his desire to be an artist brought him to America where he took up residence in Californiaís Venice art community. Here, in the mid-eighties, Haihara worked as a freelancer, and sold his artwork at Venice’s outdoor art market.