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Say It Don’t Spray It

Say It Don’t Spray It

“With over 15 years experience as a visual designer and a passion for re-purposing discarded materials, I have taken a blend of the two and came up with a line of goods that will make your home or business a little more interesting and unique.” – Chris Davis

The top three ingredients that go into Say It Don’t Spray It bottle openers are:

The bottom line is we hate seeing good materials being thrown away when they can be reused and repurposed to create something beautiful. We have a variety of sources for the reclaimed lumber we use including: shipping pallets, crates, discarded construction materials and building demolition.

This is what it’s all about. The words, the typography, the colors, the images. We love being able to take a simple quote and make it visually appealing.

Using reclaimed lumber adds unique characteristics to our products. Some have dings, some have knots, some have holes, some vary in color and some have all these characteristics. That’s what makes each individual item unique.