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Steve Bogdanoff

Steve Bogdanoff

Steve Bogdanoff began detailed drawings of people and scenes at the age of 6, and painting oil on canvas by age 10, which he continued through the late 1980s. In 1990, he became captivated by ancient art history. Steve found himself obsessing over archeological books, studying as many illustrations and as much text as possible. He began to experiment with painting on plaster in hopes to capture a wall mural effect similar to those in his studies, and proceeded to create his first fresco secco-style piece with much exhilaration. In January 2002, he opened Bogdanoff Gallery on Royal Street in the historic French Quarter section of New Orleans. In 2006, he relocated to Santa Fe, home to America’s third largest art market. Now many years after creating his first fresco piece, Steve is recognized internationally for his interpretive fresco secco paintings and giclee prints.