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Tiny Galaxies

Tiny Galaxies

Tiny Galaxies is the brainchild of Sara Broski of Kingston, Pennsylvania. She says, “My journey as a jewelry designer began by accident. Working as a web and graphic artist, I painted on the side and that satisfied my creative outlet for a while. Jewelry has always been something I’ve loved and admired, more than anything else. Wearing it made me feel special, and knowing that someone had made what I was wearing with their hands felt even more special. I eventually started making some myself. Little by little, I bought supplies for making resin and precious metal clay jewelry. I experimented, making things for myself for awhile. Eventually I realized that I might have something, a unique idea that I’ve never seen elsewhere. I decided to open up an Etsy shop and listed a few pairs of earrings and necklaces, with a simple, clean, and glittery theme. Each piece reminded me of a tiny galaxy, so naming my brand was very organic. People began to buy what I was making, and my shop kept growing. I now make jewelry full time, and could never have imagined that opening up an Etsy shop on a whim would lead me to where I am today. Controlling my own income and life, while making pretty things for people to wear, is truly an amazing feeling!”