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Todd Pownell

Todd Pownell

The experience of melting steel rods together years ago in shop class started Todd Pownell on his journey towards working with metals and using his hands to make objects. Once he was exposed to silver and gold his seduction was complete and the decision to make jewelry came naturally. TAP Jewelry designs, often considered as Alternative Bridal, evolve from emotion to (aesthetic) experience and back. Romanticism underlies the forms of expression within the jewelry. The interaction of dark and light metals mixed with fine gold and diamonds combine to evoke a strong sense of mystery and sublime nature. The diamonds are bead set “upside-down” onto the surface in pave’ or scattered across the piece. This reverse setting effectively captures and reflects light in a succession of broad flashes from oblique angles creating the feeling of twilight. Todd Pownell is also a Member of Ethical Metalsmith’s who support ethical mining, sourcing their materials in the most responsible manner while operating their studios with “green” practices.