Introducing Chewbeads

Artfully Elegant is proud to be adding to our vast children’s collection, yet again! This time, it is the mothers’ turn to be treated with…Chewbeads! A veteran in the fashion industry, Lisa Greenwald was faced with a new challenge: motherhood. With a young toddler who loved to chew on her necklaces, Lisa set out to create a soft, non-toxic jewelry that was vibrant, stylish, and most importantly SAFE. Thus, Chewbeads was founded.

Stop by Artfully Elegant or visit us online and see this new collection of 100% silicone products. No BPA, Phthalates, lead, or metal is used in the making of these products. They are dishwasher safe and soft on babies teeth. These necklaces and bracelets are worn by chic mothers everywhere, so make sure to get your hands on these new trendy items for fall! They truly are mommy chic and baby safe!

As a special thanks, we’d like to offer free ground shipping to any order placed on Chewbeads. Enter code CHEWBEADS in the coupon code box at checkout and all Chewbeads will ship free of charge. Valid through October 31st.

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Jewelry Box – Laura Elizabeth & Nancy Nelson

Our Jewelry Box show opens tomorrow! Now that the snow is finally gone, Artfully Elegant is so excited to see more and more people strolling into the store! We know you all love the warm, weather, being outside, and the charming nature of Bethlehem. It’s time to fully embrace the outdoors! A perfect way to add to the warm weather fun is waiting for you right here in our gallery. Artists Nancy Nelson and Laura Elizabeth truly appreciate the beauty of nature. Between Nancy Nelson’s birch branch inspired bracelets and tree stem earrings and Laura Elizabeth’s full leafed earrings and organic circle pendants, you’ll be sure to find something to put you on the wild side.

We are especially excited for these two artists because they will be featured in our show Jewelry Box! Come and see these two flower girls’ expanded collection in the gallery Friday, April 11th and Saturday April 12th. The Artfully Elegant team is so excited to see what special pieces we’ll get from them and we bet you are too. Hope to see you tomorrow and on Saturday!

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Jewelry Box – Belle Brooke & Julie Nolan

Our group trunk show Jewelry Box is only two days away! We are so excited to have some of the artists come in and talk to everyone in person. However, we are just as excited and honored to have expanded collections from other favorite artists in the gallery. The ambitious and dedicated members of our artist roster, Belle Brooke and Julie Nolan will also be featured in our show! Although Belle Brooke has been in our gallery a bit longer than Julie Nolan, these two both have a knack for conquering the balance of beauty and tranquility.

Julie Nolan entered our doors just in time for this past holiday season and boy was that good timing. Her constellation jewelry is a hit! Starting up her career in her studio apartment on the Lower East Side in New York City, Julie Nolan’s business and passion have grown stronger than ever. She is an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. Belle Brooke has been long time artist here at Artfully Elegant. She never fails to accomplish balance and unity in every single one of her pieces. Her yin and yang themed work has always been in high demand here at the gallery and we expect her signature creativity at our show, Jewelry Box! Come and see what these two bright minds bring to the show; I’m sure it will speak to you.

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Jewelry Box – Ashley Feather of Soul Surfer

We all know that Artfully Elegant has a wide range of beautiful jewelry and artwork. What some of you might not know is that we’ll also be having a clothing and accessory display within our upcoming show Jewelry Box! The show is going to be fun, fresh, and trendy, so who better to have at the show than Ashley Feather of Soul Surfer? Her graphic Ts, screen print beanies, cute tote bags and more will be the perfect paring with your new jewelry from the show. It all began in the basement of the house she shared with Erin, our director of operations, during their senior year at Moravian College. She’s been developing her talents since then, making it a true passion of hers.

Meet Bethlehem’s one and only soul surfer at the Jewelry Box opening reception on Friday, April 11th from 6-8pm. Swing by and hang ten with her again Saturday April 12th from 12-4pm. With the show blocks away from where it all started for her, Ashley is just as passionate about her work as she was in her college days. By taking one look at her line you can tell this designer is as optimistic yet conceptual as they come. With work featuring phrases such as “you are my sunshine” and “reach high for the stars lie hidden in your soul,” there is sure to be something for everyone. We’re very excited to have Ashley exhibit during Jewelry Box. Don’t miss out!

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Jewelry Box – Elaine B Jewelry

In need of some young, fun and fresh jewelry for the spring season? Look no further! Artfully Elegant is proud to say that we have exactly what you’re looking for with our newest edition to the gallery. Elaine B is something special. From her geometrical themed pieces to her sideways hearts, Elaine’s jewelry is bound to turn heads. Elaine B has a deep passion for her jewelry from the beginning thoughts to the final product. Her themes vary with each piece, but generally focus on “airy, simple and thoughtful” designs. Residing in Charlottesville, Virginia, Elaine continues her work and is just as enthusiastic as she was the day she started.

This fabulous artist is in our cases now! Come and see a much larger variety of Elaine’s work and ability at our show Jewelry Box on Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th. Elaine will be here with her regular jewelry will be here as well as some new one of a kind pieces she’s working on specifically for our show! Meet her on Friday from 6-8pm or Saturday from 12-4pm. We have heard rumors that Elaine is using her techniques on stones and solid gold, so this show is not to be missed!

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Jewelry Box – Paris Muchanic

We all love the elegance and romance of Paris’s art. The shine and shimmer, beautiful shapes, and stylish flair can make a girl swoon. Paris, France is nice but I’m talk about Paris Muchanic on display here Artfully Elegant. Paris told us her “journey began with a friend, a middle school English teacher and I making bookmarks.” From there, her bookmarks made a gradual transition into jewelry and eventually she took a metalsmithing class to perfect her talent. Paris has now been with us for a few years and doesn’t fail to still fly out of the cases! Her delicate, yet rustic pieces are simple, enticing and timeless. Paris’s handmade art conquers the perfect balance of scientific curiosity and the wonders of nature. We are sure to see more of this at our upcoming show, Jewelry Box!

You may ask “how does she do it?” Dying to find out? Luckily for you, she’ll be here at Artfully Elegant for the show! Come to our opening reception on Friday, April 11th from 6-8pm and meet the artist herself. If you can’t get enough of Paris have no fear! She’ll be here again Saturday, April 12th from 12-4pm. Come see Paris Muchanic herself along with her expanded collection of her jewelry. Rumor has it she is working on stick earrings and mobius bracelets with gems, and I’m sure they’ll steal your heart. We love Paris! Or as the French would say… nous avons adore Paris!

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Jewelry Box – A Spring Group Trunk Show

We have big news! Artfully Elegant is having a show that will be sure to give everyone spring fever. The show, Jewelry Box, will feature a new artist to the gallery as well as some fan favorites. Statement pieces, everyday jewelry or even something special for Easter weekend will be here as designers show off their expanded collection. From Julie Nolan’s astrology jewelry to Belle Brooke’s visually interesting pieces, there will be new designs for every one of all ages. In addition to the wide variety of handmade jewelry, Artfully Elegant is excited about another aspect of the show. Ashley Feather’s Soul Surfer accessory and clothing line will also be having a special pop-up show as part of Jewelry Box. Come and see her cute, trendy and fun line of t-shirts, bags, hats, scarves, and much more!

Come on by and you’ll be lucky enough to meet some of the artists in person! Soul Surfer’s Ashley, as well as perennial favorite Paris Muchanic and a new artist to the gallery, Elaine B will be here and just as excited as you. We’ll also have an expanded selection from Belle Brooke, Laura Elizabeth, Nancy Nelson, and Julie Nolan. Come to the gallery and “wine, dine, and make it mine” on Friday, April 11th from 6-8 pm. If you’re busy that night no need to worry! The show will still be here Saturday, April 12th all day and you’ll have a chance to meet the artists from 12-4 pm. We would love it if you stopped by to see the pieces you’re going to fall for in our Jewelry Box. We hope to see you there!

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Think Spring with Peter Krobath

Although the winter wonderland idea is fun at first, the cold is getting old. Let’s get excited for spring! Sure, cleaning out your entire house is part of the season, but why not freshen up the house with some vibrant paintings for the walls. Peter Krobath’s original oil paintings are just what your house needs to get you in the spring set of mind.

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and subject matter to choose from, Krobath’s art is perfect for any room of any home. Working in both oil and watercolor, Peter is a photo realist, often times capturing his idyllic scenes right from his backyard. Most of his paintings are set in the Hudson Valley area of New York, but they could easily be our very own Lehigh Valley. One of my current favorites is Sugar Maple Afternoon, but if you’re really looking for something to brighten your day I highly suggest any of his Sunflower series.

Peter Krobath continues to capture every detail of the richness and purity the American countryside has to offer. Don’t gaze at his work through a computer screen; come see how bold his work really is. Let his work warm your home and your heart.

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Thoroughly Modern Moose

Our children’s section at Artfully Elegant has been exploding recently. The biggest bang for your buck, it seems, has been our Modern Moose three dimensional wall hangings and clocks.

After 25 years as an industrial designer for a big name companies, Paul Ocepek went out on a limb producing his personal designs. He blames it partially on the purchase of a laser cutter to appease his gnawing midlife crisis. However, that impulse buy has proven to be quite profitable.

Paul designs and builds his laser cut wood wall hangings and clocks in “Moosachusetts”. The mix of natural materials and themes, with bright colors, clean lines, and bold patterns make every customer smile. Who can resist a shark clock, with a fishbone for a pendulum hanging from its mouth? Or a polkadotted moose with a purple rack? They bring to mind the trophies often seen hunting family homes, but with the humor of a saturday morning cartoon.

You can feel good about these products not only because they are handmade in the USA, but because they use safe materials. Each one is crafted from sustainably harvested baltic birch plywood and printed with non-toxic, water based inks. No glue or chemical coatings either.

We’re in love with all of these wall pieces. Visit us to pick the right one for you!

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COATT Morse Code Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We know there are many ways to let your partner know you love them. You can spell it out for them, sing it, and even shout it from the mountaintops! Why not say “I love you” a different way this year. Rebecca Coagan of COATT Jewelry has the solution with her Morse Code Collection. Through the use of the dots and dashes of Morse code, this collection is an elegant token of appreciation for anyone in your life. With sayings like “love me do,” “wild horses,” “sweetheart” and more, you’re sure to find the right combo.

The vibrant, sleek silk cords and slender gold are a beautiful way to take anyone’s breath away. Show them how much you care with COATT’s understated pieces of poise and purpose. Whether it’s for a good friend, or your one and only, the Morse Code Collection is the perfect way to tell them just how much they mean to you.

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