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A Commitment to the Environment

March 31st, 2010

As Artfully Elegant continues to grow, so does our commitment to being environmentally and socially conscious. We continue to expand our collection of jewelry that is committed to this goal as much as we are. We have long been fans of Figs and Ginger (their Elliot Necklace is pictured at right) here at AE and they are one of the shining examples of a business that attempts to be “green” in every facet of their lives. From their use of at least 50% recycled silver in each and every one of their pieces, to their commitments in their office to reduce paper, recycle and so much more, they are an excellent example of what many people aspire to become. With new additions coming soon to the website like Everyday Artifact, artist Jeff Ryan’s company based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, we continue to expand. Each piece is handcrafted by Jeff himself, and as he himself says, “All of the materials used are gentle to the planet. Remember, we live where we work.” The idea of living where we work is an important idea to keep in the forefront of all our minds. While we continue to enjoy all the world has to offer us, we all must realize that we need to make conscious choices so that this beautiful world is the same for many generations to come. All of us here at Artfully Elegant are devoted to that goal and we hope that our clients are as well.