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Alex Sepkus – Orchard Ring 130

April 22nd, 2010

Artfully Elegant has carried the work of Alex Sepkus for almost a year now and yet each time I look at one of his rings, I discover something new in their pattern and design. A native of Vilnius, Lithuania, Alex received his graduate degree in industrial design from the Lithuanian Academy of Arts. His studies included interiors, glass making sculpture, etchings and graphics, but his graduate study was in jewelry design. While Alex’s jewelry is beautiful to the naked eye, it becomes even more intricate when viewed under a magnifying glass. Each section of his jewelry has its own texture and pattern. With a strong respect for precision and balance, Alex developed a great passion for the intricacies of his craft, creating jewelry unlike any other. Alex’s organic shapes feature diamonds along with many semi-precious stones. We currently have a great selection of rings, along with a pair of earrings and 2 gorgeous pendants. I’m in love with ring 113D. We can also get any of his other designs, so if you’ve seen another style elsewhere, then just let us know and we’d be happy to find out more information for you.