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Beautifully Crafted Todd Reed rings

July 26th, 2017

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We all have a story to tell, don’t we? Of course since none of us actually have the time to tell everyone our story one by one, we opt instead to express ourselves in the simplest way possible…our style. To me, there is nothing more expressive than the style of jewelry we wear and how we wear it. Jewelry is personal. Very personal. The color, the texture, the material, the craftsmanship…each and every facet of a piece of jewelry helps us to add to that story about ourselves. Who are we? What inspires us? What do we carry with us with through our every day?

At our one year anniversary, I wanted to give my wife a handmade gift that expressed a continued promise of the day we were first married. I wanted something that exuded exquisiteness. Something that was both delicate and bold. A piece of jewelry that would last lifetimes. When I finally gave her that gift…she felt nothing could’ve expressed that continued promise better than the Todd Reed ring I gave her that day.

It’s richness, it’s boldness, it’s colors, it’s brand…they all tell a story while sitting on my wife’s hand. That ring speaks volumes about her strength, her colorful nature and her unique style. It tells everyone who sees it that she’s one of a kind and unapologetically a purveyor of finer things. So what’s your story? And how do you plan on telling it?