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Everyday Artifact – Lithograph Necklaces

July 21st, 2010

Everyday Artifact is one of the newest additions to Artfully Elegant. Comprised of artist Jeff Ryan and business partner Barbara Edelman, they create simple, beautiful necklaces with hand printed lithographs on sterling silver discs. An acclaimed art printer, Jeff creates each necklace himself, crafting each necklace with the utmost care. These wonderful necklaces are delicate, but perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re looking for one of their simple messages in typeface or their beautiful images of flowers, leaves, and landscapes, one of the designs is sure to speak to you. The designs can remind you of your past or give you strength in your future. I personally have the Willow necklace – it reminds me of the willow tree in the backyard of my childhood home. Other popular designs are the words, like Let It Be, or Balance, pictured. We’ve gotten some newer designs in and I love the Railroad Tracks and Queen Anne’s Lace, also pictured.