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Five Items to Celebrate Spring at Artfully Elegant

April 15th, 2016

Is springtime your favorite? Is the thought of growing flowers, birds chirping, and lush greenery something that makes your heart soar? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Artfully Elegant, we bring springtime to a whole new level with fun items that give a little extra boost to your favorite season! Here are five of our favorites!

Shake & Bloom

shake n bloom

Customize the visitors in your yard by adorning it with beautiful plants that attract a specific type of wildlife! Choose from a hummingbird or butterfly variety, or pick the cut flower kind to have a constant selection of beautiful blooms to bring into your home!

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Caterpillar Bud Vase

bud vase

Display your beautiful fresh cut flowers that you’ve grown in your yard with this beautiful bud vase! It’s delicate and dainty, but it can stand up to the strong colors of even the brightest bloom. Use crystal clear water, or add a few drops of food coloring to make that H2O pop!

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‘My Garden Forever’ Necklace

garden necklace

Bring your love of your yard and garden with you wherever you go with the sweet necklace. This sweet little bauble will have an extra sentimental meaning due to its emphasis on friendship.

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Grow Like a Weed Growth Chart

growth chart

Start your children early on loving the outdoors by incorporating this stylish and practical wall art that doubles as a growth chart. Not only will you be able to accurately keep track of how fast your little critter will be growing up, but you’ll also have a delightfully cute outdoor theme to cheerfully highlight the event!

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You might already have the perfect shades to wear while you’re spending time outside, but what about your mini-adventurer too? With these awesome sunglasses for kids, available in a variety of sizes, he or she will be able to hit the playground in style!  

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So stop and check out Artfully Elegant to add a little extra kick to you and your family’s spring time routine! Not only will you be making amazing memories, but you’ll be instilling a love of nature for the next generation that will continue to grow their whole life!

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