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Homemade Circus – True Lovebirds

April 14th, 2010

We have another new artist to introduce – Tammy Smith of Homemade Circus. Based out of Kansas, Tammy crafts canvases and three dimensional pieces all with her signature circus theme. All of the pieces are individually handmade so no two are ever the same. Here’s what Tammy has to say in her own words:

Old circuses and carnivals attract and inspire me – both in a fun, whimsical way and in a sort of creepy, off kilter way. I like looking at what happens when a carnival ride is abandoned and taken over by nature- birds especially because they have that sort of Hitchcockian feel. On an abandoned pier in Brighton, England I found my inspiration. The carnival on the pier had burned to the ground. Only the steel frame existed and hundreds of birds had made it their home…this became the basis for a lot of my work. I also research architectural drawings of old carnival rides and circus photos and keep them around me for inspiration.

I already took one of our Lucky Star pieces home with me, but I also really love the Sweetheart piece and True Lovebirds, pictured above.