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Introducing Dogeared Jewelry

March 11th, 2011

The newest artist to join the Artfully Elegant collection is Dogeared Jewelry. Created by Marcia Maizel-Clarke in 1991 in California, each charm is handmade and placed on a variety of silk threads and chains. With their wish necklaces and bracelets, you put it on and make a wish. When it wears off, your wish should come true. The wish necklaces come on a variety of colored silk thread. The wish bracelets are on irish linen, a waxed cotton cord. You can wear them, as Dogeared suggests, or you could take them on and off is you wish. I ordered a huge range, so we have lots of great options. I love the Wish Big necklace, the I Am Lucky Horseshoe that’s pictured, and the Key to Success. All of their necklaces have great messages that go along with them, so they’re great as gifts or a pick-me-up for yourself. Look for the bracelets on the site soon! Their more “permanent” necklaces are the reminder necklaces. They’re the same charms as the wish series, just on solid sterling silver or gold-dipped chains. They’re a great for layering and mixing with other designers, like Laurel Denise. I think my favorite is Love Potion, but the north star in the Mom necklace is super cute too. Plus we have that one in silver and gold. The best thing about these is that the wish necklaces and bracelets are only $25 and most of the others are under $50. They’re a steal for handmade jewelry!