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Jamie & Becky

April 13th, 2011

I work with plenty of clients looking for the perfect engagement ring for their significant other. I spend a lot of time with them in person, over the phone, and through email learning about them and their soon-to-be fiances. I try to understand their personalities, their tastes, what exactly is they’re looking for in the ring and then we work together to find “the one.” Jamie and Becky’s story is one I won’t ever forget. Jamie came to me looking for the perfect ring for her partner, Becky. In one of the very first emails we exchanged, Jamie said to me that Becky was one of the most incredible women she has ever known and deserved a ring to match. After a lot of searching, she finally decided on the Ice Blue Pave Solitaire from Anne Sportun. It’s just the right amount of sparkle, but the blue diamond sets it off and takes it to that really special level. I sent the ring off to Jamie and then figured I wouldn’t hear from her again until sometime in May, when she planned on proposing. Well, Jamie sent me an email on Monday and I guess she couldn’t wait! Jamie had the ring for a few weeks and it was burning a hole in her pocket. On March 31st, she decided she couldn’t wait any longer and eventually decided to do it the next day on April Fool’s Day, something Becky would never expect. They went to dinner that night at the same place they’d had their second date. They’d had a great dinner that night and walked along the river afterward. In that moment, Jamie realized Becky was someone different, someone special. Later after they’d been dating a while, Jamie knew she would propose there, along the river, bringing it all back to the date that changed everything. After their dinner on the 1st, they walked down to the river and Jamie proposed to Becky, who said yes through many tears. But then Becky surprised Jamie too. Becky had decided to have a ring made for Jamie and she would give it to her whenever Jamie proposed. On March 31st, the same day Jamie decided she couldn’t wait any longer, Becky had cut a hole in the lining of her purse for the ring, so she’d have it on her and ready no matter what. She pulled it out and then it was Jamie’s turn to be completely shocked. Even better, and independent of each other, the two of them managed to pick rings that are perfectly complementary to each other. Becky had Jamie’s ring designed by a local jeweler and it has 2 blue diamonds in the center with white diamonds the rest of the way around. It’s a perfect match to Becky’s Sportun ring and both rings clearly suit the two of them. From all of us at Artfully Elegant, I just want to extend our congratulations and the biggest amount of best wishes to Jamie and Becky. Rori got goosebumps when I told her the story and even Ranjeet cracked a smile. Their story completely made my day and probably my week and possibly my month. They’re clearly both so happy and in love with each other. I wish you two nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives. Congratulations again.