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Jewelry Box – Laura Elizabeth & Nancy Nelson

April 10th, 2014

Our Jewelry Box show opens tomorrow! Now that the snow is finally gone, Artfully Elegant is so excited to see more and more people strolling into the store! We know you all love the warm, weather, being outside, and the charming nature of Bethlehem. It’s time to fully embrace the outdoors! A perfect way to add to the warm weather fun is waiting for you right here in our gallery. Artists Nancy Nelson and Laura Elizabeth truly appreciate the beauty of nature. Between Nancy Nelson’s birch branch inspired bracelets and tree stem earrings and Laura Elizabeth’s full leafed earrings and organic circle pendants, you’ll be sure to find something to put you on the wild side. We are especially excited for these two artists because they will be featured in our show Jewelry Box! Come and see these two flower girls’ expanded collection in the gallery Friday, April 11th and Saturday April 12th. The Artfully Elegant team is so excited to see what special pieces we’ll get from them and we bet you are too. Hope to see you tomorrow and on Saturday!