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Jewelry Box – Paris Muchanic

March 20th, 2014

We all love the elegance and romance of Paris’s art. The shine and shimmer, beautiful shapes, and stylish flair can make a girl swoon. Paris, France is nice but I’m talk about Paris Muchanic on display here Artfully Elegant. Paris told us her “journey began with a friend, a middle school English teacher and I making bookmarks.” From there, her bookmarks made a gradual transition into jewelry and eventually she took a metalsmithing class to perfect her talent. Paris has now been with us for a few years and doesn’t fail to still fly out of the cases! Her delicate, yet rustic pieces are simple, enticing and timeless. Paris’s handmade art conquers the perfect balance of scientific curiosity and the wonders of nature. We are sure to see more of this at our upcoming show, Jewelry Box! You may ask “how does she do it?” Dying to find out? Luckily for you, she’ll be here at Artfully Elegant for the show! Come to our opening reception on Friday, April 11th from 6-8pm and meet the artist herself. If you can’t get enough of Paris have no fear! She’ll be here again Saturday, April 12th from 12-4pm. Come see Paris Muchanic herself along with her expanded collection of her jewelry. Rumor has it she is working on stick earrings and mobius bracelets with gems, and I’m sure they’ll steal your heart. We love Paris! Or as the French would say… nous avons adore Paris!