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Join Us On The Cocktail Trail

November 21st, 2013

November isn’t too early to get caught up in the holiday spirit is it? We say NO. Especially when cocktails are involved. Artfully Elegant will be just one of many stops on the Downtown Bethlehem Association’s Cocktail Trail on Saturday, November 23rd. Purchase a passport on DBA’s website and sample over 20 New Year’s cocktails at participating Bethlehem shops, all decked out for for the most wonderful time of the year. Make the most of those four hours of fun, by arriving right at 1 pm for the opening. The tour will only last until 5pm, just in time to grab a meal at one the great eateries on Main Street. We at Artfully Elegant are cooking up our own creative concoction called Red Nose Punch. One part bourbon, a twist of lime, a hint of cranberry and a big artful secret. You’ll have to try it to find out. Don’t forget to stay awhile and maybe purchase a cocktail ring to set you apart as a connoisseur on the trail.