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Artfully Elegant Has Much More For Your Wedding Than Just Rings

May 10th, 2016


We know rings! Engagement rings and wedding bands from Artfully Elegant have adorned the hands of countless men and women on their specialist of days. We pride ourselves in helping you from start to finish to get just the right jewelry for that special day.

Bu, did you know that we have more than just jewelry for your wedding at Artfully Elegant? It’s true! We carry a wide selection of fun wares that can be incorporated into many aspects of your big day. Here are just a few:



Chalkboards are all the rage these days, and can be used for a variety of purposes at both the ceremony and the reception. From letting your guests know about your signature cocktail, to displaying inspirational quotes, and even just for welcoming guests at the entrance. We have a multitude of fun chalk boards to help inspire you to find a fun way to incorporate them into your planning! Find it HERE!

Groomsmen Gifts

wallet card

Need a fun and quirky gift for your groomsmen? Nothing is more practical than being able to pop open a cold one with this fun little tool. The best part? It slips right into your wallet so it will always have it on hand (well,,, in pocket!) It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We also carry a fun selection of flasks, too. Find them HERE!

Bridesmaid Baubles


The gals in your wedding party work hard for you. Why? Because they love you. Show them how appreciative you are with a piece of jewelry that speaks just to them. From earring to necklaces, bracelets and even watches, we have something to match any personality. Plus, you can decide what they will wear for the big day to go with that hot pink taffeta dress you picked out for everyone. Browse women’s jewelry HERE!

Mr. and Mrs. Mugs


Want to add a little extra sweetness to the dessert part of your meal? While your guests enjoy their coffee and cake with the standard coffee cups provided by your venue or caterer, you and your new spouse can sip your cappuccino in style with Mr. and Mrs. mugs that you can enjoy for years to come. Find them HERE and HERE

Grow Your Own Flower

Need a fun place setting/gift for your guests? Or maybe a low key and sweet little centerpiece? We’ve got you covered with these fun MicroGiardini grow your own flowers! Start them before the wedding to have a perky little pot of flowers, or give them to guests as a way to grow their own. We also carry other grow-your-own varieties of herbs, too! Find them HERE!

There is Only One Happiness

love picTell your guest right from the start why they are all gathered for the special day with this simple and true statement. Display it next to the guest book, hang it above your bridal table, or just set it in a special place that will catch everyone’s eye to remind them why everyone is together on the special day. Then display in your home to always remember the best day of your life (so far!) Find it HERE!

Ring Dish

ring dish
The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was beyond a blast.. but now, you are exhausted! You just gotta get out of those heels, wash off that makeup, and get all that hairspray out of your hair. Make sure you have a safe place to put those rings if you plan on taking them off for a few minutes. Keep them safe and in style in this adorable little Mr. and Mrs. dish that will carefully watch over that beautiful jewelry. Find it HERE!

So while you plan for your wedding, don’t just look to us for the perfect ring of your dreams, make sure you also check out our other fun items to make your wedding all that more extraordinary!

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