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Little Korboose, Big Heart

December 5th, 2013

Shopping for any small children? Stop by Artfully Elegant and check out our latest in kids toys, including the whimsical creations from Little Korboose! April Nemeth is the brains and artistic brawn behind Little Korboose. By day she works as a graphic designer and illustrator in Cleveland Ohio, but at night her imagination runs free in her playful sketches. These sketches often become big, squishy pillow pals, kids tees, and art prints to decorate you walls. Little Korboose products have a sketchy, childlike quality combined with a sophisticated design sense, making them accessible to children while still appealing to adults. Here at Artfully Elegant we have just begun to carry her screen printed pillows, in a large and mini sizes. From bright pink elephants to smiling blue robots, there is certainly one that you’ll want to take home and squeeze. We are also offering a range of screen prints by April including airplane, bicycle, helicopter, and skateboard prints. Frame them as a collection or individually to add a little fun to your home. With Little Korboose products you are also sure to get something made in America, from materials that are sourced in the most sustainable manner possible. Just visit us and hug a pillow. You won’t be sorry.