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New from Anne Sportun

October 25th, 2012

We got a big shipment of new items from Anne Sportun last week and it’s all absolutely beautiful. Arriving just in time for the holidays (I know it’s early for holiday talk, but when it comes to handmade items, it’s never too early!!), we have a lot of options for you! I am loving the new wrap bracelets they’ve come up with over at Anne Sportun. My favorite might be the pyrite, but the hematite that’s pictured is stunning as well. Best of all, these bracelets can be worn doubled up as a tighter, choker type necklace or simply leave it long. The little gold hex bead breaks up the pattern of the beads and the tied gold clasp is a wonderful touch. We were practically sold out of earrings from Anne, so we stocked up on those too. The chain earrings pictured are simple and delicate, but still make a statement. My personal favorites are definitely the green garnets. Rori is blonde, Ellen is a redhead, I’m a brunette and these look good on all 3 of us! Check out Anne’s entire collection here, and as always, if you’re searching for something and we don’t have it, let us know and we will track it down for you.