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New In-Store Wish Lists!

June 13th, 2013

Is everyone always telling you you’re hard to shop for? Are you tired of not getting what you want? Are you over pretending to love your gifts, even when you don’t? Come by our shop on Main Street in Bethlehem and fill out one of our brand new wish lists. One of our lovely associates will help you get all of the pertinent information on the card: your personal info, who we should send the list to, and most importantly, all of your favorite items in the shop! Whether it’s jewelry, artwork, or stuff for the kids, we’ll get all of the proper artist names, product names and codes, and prices noted on the card. There will be absolutely no confusion – we want you to get what you love! We’ll keep a card on file here at the shop, plus send a copy to whomever you designate. Plus if you tell your loved ones about the list, they can call or come into the store and we’ll be able to tell them exactly what’s on it. We are really excited about these new lists, so hurry into the store soon to fill yours out!