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Sarah Graham – Manzanita Cigar Style Band

July 28th, 2010

If you’re looking for a striking, wide band with some sparkle, look no further than the Manzanita Cigar Style band from Sarah Graham. Based in California, Sarah crafts beautiful jewelry in a variety of textures and metals. Whether it’s 18 karat yellow or white gold or her signature blackened steel, Sarah’s jewelry has a delicate, vintage quality to it. The Manzanita ring is one of my personal favorites. The band is tapered, so it’s narrower on the bottom of the ring shank, allowing it to fit more comfortably and true to size. The variety of cognac and white diamonds enhance the beautiful gold sheen and texture of the ring. If rings aren’t your style, check out some of Sarah’s unisex spear pendants. With their edgy, industrial look and blackened steel, these are great for men. Try the Spear S pendant or the Shield pendant next time you’re in the market for something a little bold and different.